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Shree Precision, 2016 was the year of start. Initially Shree Precision was in only precision cylindrical grinding works, later on Shree Precision started designing & manufacturing of solid & collet type Jigs & Fixtures. As the demand of our up growing industry, the High accuracy level.

Shree Precision took a decision, to develop the Hydraulic Expanding Mandrels to meet the industry demands, result of this after the struggle of bundle of months, Shree Precision succeed in development of Hydraulic Expanding Mandrel.

But, can it deliver that much precision, level of accuracy? To Examine that we take a trail on our master piece by clamping and declamping on Hydraulic Expanding Mandrel on bench center to check the repeatability of Mandrel clamping and the results are on 0.001mm least count dial gauge it observed 0.005mm run out on outer diameter & both face. As there is always scope to increase the Accuracy level, we are still working….



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Completed in 3 years




Our Amazing Team

15+ years of experience in fixtures manufacturing and 7+ years of experience in gear & fixures developement.

We have experienced, skillful and innnovative team which delivered precised solutions to clients.

We succeed with building long term relationship with clients by providing exceptional customer service.

Mr. Jayant Bhopale


Experience : 15+ years in fixtures manufacturing

Mr. Aniket Ingale


Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Experience : 7+ years in gear & fixures developement

We design and manufacture Hydraulic Expanding Systems